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Useful Info

General Information

Beginners Info

After completing a kitesurfing course  it's time to go on your own. To minimize the risks remember:

  • Make sure the tide  is in the line item for your level. The high tide hides the dangers of the beach and totally limits your "practice field".
  • Make sure the wind is right intensity for your level and / or size of kite and wind gusts are not very strong in strength and duration...

Strong wind = too much power... dangerous!!

Light wind = kite does not fly properly and tend to fall down.

Very gusty wind = kite can not absorb the ups and downs of wind strength.

Be sure to properly place you on the beach avoiding:

  • Invading school zones.
  • Install and detach the kite around physical obstacles.
  • Install and detach the kite in areas of "dead wind".
  • Be sure to spread your lines against the wind direction and separate walk in favor of it.
  • Warm color (red)... left.
  • Cool (blue, green, etc.)... right.
  • Be sure to properly inflate your kite. A low inflation will clearly affect the fly and relaunch of your kite.

Before giving the OK for your partner to lift the kite, make sure:

  • You've attached the safety leash where it belongs in the control bar.
  • You know how works safety release mechanism (quick release) of the chicken loop and that is not clogged with sand.
  • The chicken loop are set correctly.
  • Lines connected properly... interior... to leading edge and... exterior to trailing edge.
  • The kite is in place (on your right or left at an angle of 90 degrees to the wind direction), and that is powerful enough to answer  the steering orders.
  • Make sure when you go in to the water to do your exercises  you do not stop other practitioners who are in the water before you.
  • Be sure to start exercises at the height of the first bunker and tries to leave the water before passing the second bunker (this is only applicable in Medano Beach for safety reasons).
  • Remember that you move your kite in the sky using the steering... not the power.

Use the "Quick release" in the following cases:

  • If you roll on with another kitesurfer.
  • If you lost your kite control and someone gets caught between your lines.
  • If the kite begins to make kiteloops unexpectedly.
  • If you lose control of your kite and it pulls you sharply.
  • If you are in the water and can´t relaunch your kite to the air and need to go swimming back to shore.

Courage and remember that apart from knowledge acquired in the course, is vital to use common sense and respect other users of the beach!!

Intermediate Level Info

Once you've past  the worst (first water start-meters) and you're sailing upwind remember:

  • Try to use the shore only to get in and out of  the water ........ not to sail
  • Try not to disturb and / or intimidate another practitioner with lower level than you on the shore at the time of water start, and / or finish  your session.
  • Do not invade the wind window of a low-level practitioner, and / or student of any school when they are in the shore. Remember that we will panic if you are too close  and it will be a big chance for them to lost the kite control.
  • Do not ever get to shore shallow very quickly. A streak or losing control of the kite can be disastrous for you and others.
  • Try to navigate in an area of “clear air" ......... facilitates progression.
  • Navigating and when an oncoming rider, has a preference who has the wind in the right hand ....... the other must down the kite in the window and sail downwind a few feet if is necessary to facilitate the crossing.
  • When changing the direction browsing do not forget to look first to warn other possible rider who is behind you in your way. If you want to change and the other kiter follows behind your maneuver difficult ..... all you can drift in the same direction you are going and when you're on the leeward side and ....... it changes direction.
  • When jumping do not forget that .... apart to go up in the sky…you go downwind to .... so you need several meters downwind yours WITHOUT ANYONE. Do not jump  if you see or feel that you are going to fall very close to windward of another rider.
  • Do not forget that one day you were ......beginner …so learn, grow up  and let the  others riders learn safety!!!..... respect and demands respect!

Un-written Rules

Recommendations on the Beach


  • Facilitate the transition from lower level users and / or pupils who are taking lessons.
  • Do not invade windsurfing area .... do not get behind the first bunker to navigate and / or practice.
  • Do not make aggressive maneuvers and / or intimidating to walkers and / or swimmers .... even if they should not be in our area.
  • If you see someone in trouble on the shore... please don´t keep still,  go help no matter what.
  • Do not go in the water by the middle of the beach if there are students in full practice to windward yours...  just wait a bit.
  • Many walkers are not aware of the danger involved to be sunbathing and / or bathing between the first and second bunker... encourage them politely and with a smile to be somewhere else... they most will understand and surely appreciate it.
  • Before anything else... RESPECT and COMMON SENSE!!!!


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