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Basic Conditions to take kite lessons are… know how to swim and have no fear of water.

No need to be strong physically to practice kite, because it is a sport of technique and coordination.

In our courses we use the most modern and adequate equipment to provide maximum security,modern kites, flotation vests, helmets and all the equipments in perfect
condition, are these form part of our arsenal and they helps to minimize any incidents.

To ensure a higher quality of the courses, they will be made maximum 2 students per instructor.

No need to have a special physical condition, and from ages 9 - 10 years or over 65 (or whatever body endurance) may well make a kite of course.

The only things that aren´t included in the lessons are sunglasses ,sunscreen and the desire to have fun.

Course Structure

The course has a duration of 9 hours divided into three levels. One per day if time allows.

The structure and content of the course may vary depending on the progress and abilities of students.


Level I - 3 hours (Land)


  • Meteorology , kite control, wind window, basic safety rules, etc..


  • Location at the beach
  • Parts and assembly of the kite and bar
  • Elements and safety systems of the kite and bar
  • Simulation-handling kite
  • Basic kite control kite 4 lines
  • Advenced kite control one hand
  • Shifts in the sand with the kite in the air
  • Most advanced safety rules

Level II - 3 hours (Land-Water)

  • level I  review concepts
  • take off and land the kite
  • change and adaptation from land to the water
  • basic bodydrag
  • advanced bodydrag
  • kite relaunch from water
  • advanced safety rules






Level III - 3 hours (Water-Board)

  • level II review of concepts
  • theory and practice bodydrag with the board
  • theory and practice of waterstart
  • advanced safety rules






Kite Lessons

Prices are per person per lesson.


Level I - 3 hours (Land)

  • 1 person.... 140 €
  • 2 people.... 100 €


Level II - 3 Hours (Land-Water)

  • 1 person.... 140 €
  • 2 people.... 100 €


Level III - 3 Hours (Water-Board)

  • 1 person.... 140 €
  • 2 people.... 100 €


Additonal Hours (Minimum 2 hours)

  • 1 person.... 50 €/h
  • 2 people.... 45 €/h







Our long experience in teaching kitesurfing has shown that the most critical in learning, the early days are now facing a student with their own material at the end.

To assist in this period and minimize risks, we provide our students.


Our "post Service Course 30 Knots" which is to assist as necessary Beachfront our students to refresh basic concepts (installation and launch of the kite on the beach traffic, etc ....) given in the course , until they feel more comfortable and safe.


This assistance will be continued and accompanied by monitoring the evolution of the student until it is not needed.


Of course our "30 Nudos post Service Course" will be completely free.



Discover Kitesurf

For all those people who think that kitesurf may not be for them!!  We offer economic and totally safe courses to get you started.


30 knots offer you the fantastic option “discover”.


It consists in a basic introduction to kitesurf, flying first with a foil type kite (no traction), first on land and then experimenting in the water with the instructor with a modern 4 line traction kite.


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