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  • Paseo Mercedes de Roja, 24
    Edif. Miramar, Local 2 Bajo
    38612 Medano, Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife, Spain
  • 30 Nudos Kite School
    Learn to Kitesurf
    with 30 Nudos!
    No need to be in special physical condition, from ages 9 - 10 years
    and upto 65 (or whatever your body can endure),
    we can teach you how to Kite surf.
  • 30 Nudos Kite School
  • 30 Nudos Kite School
  • 30 Nudos Kite School
  • 30 Nudos Kite School
  • 30 Nudos Kite School

Welcome to Kite • Wind • Sup Center

30 Nudos Kite School team is formed to the head by Sergio Ramirez Hernandez, entitled surf instructor (FES), and kitesurf (FEV). After discovering and learning kite in Medanoand hard work during 7 years in the teaching experience( Medano-Brazil), he´s  now putting all his pashion and experience in this project called 30 Nudos Kite School.

Our goals are numerous, but the most  important for us is to really teach  kitesurf by safest way, far from sacrificing your safety and that of others in favor of unrealistic objectives.

After living for close monitoring  the kite, we know that the most important is the teaching and practice with the greatest possible safety and common sense.

In 30 Nudos Kite School  your safety is our duty  so we guarantee a moral commitment in your learning insurmountable.




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